What Are The Various Types Of Burr Grain Mill?


There are three types: stone burr, metal burr and cast-iron burr grains mills. A burr grain mill is made up of two grinding plates, which fit on top of one another. The one that is fixed rotates and the other that is not. The plates crush the grains, creating different textures depending on how close they fit together. All three types of burr grain mills produce flour in a range of textures, from coarse to fine. Cool grinding makes burr grain mills quieter than impact mills. This means that they do not exceed 112 degrees in normal usage. Grinding plates can heat up if they are used too often. This can be avoided by breaking up large batches into smaller pieces. The three burr-style grinders are available in electric or hand crank-style versions. Personally, I wouldn't consider a hand-crank mill. Although I can understand the benefits of a hand crank type grain mill for situations where electricity is not available, they are extremely expensive. Although they are cheaper, the flour quality will not be as good as that produced by an electric mill. 


Hand Crank Mills

A hand-cranking grain mill is not something I would want to do unless it was attached to a bike for cranking. What you should know about stone burr grain mills Stone burr grains mills are not suitable for oily or wet grains. They also don't work well with herbs and spices. Stones would be unable to function if they were not surrounded with material. Stone burr mills are available in both natural (granite), and synthetic stone burrs. You should not wash the stones. Cast-iron burr grain mills are not suitable for oily or wet grains. Cast iron burrs will rust if they are exposed to moisture. Because their surface is not porous, steel burr grain mills can be used with oily or wet grains. 


Impact Grain Mill 

Impact grain mills are a very popular type of home-grown grain mill. The milling chamber has concentric rings made of stainless-steel teeth. They don't touch the grain, but crush it with the high-speed rotations in the milling chamber. They grind grain faster than a burr mill and are louder. They can also grind flour at a higher speed and in larger quantities. Burr-style grain mills can be more expensive than impact mills. They are highly valued for their ease-of-use, price, and efficiency. NutriMill Classic is a well-known brand. Only flour can be ground with impact grain mills. While some models allow you to select the flour texture, others don't allow you to grind cereal grains with coarse texture. They are not suitable for oily or wet grain use, just like the stone burr mill. The impact grain mills are able to produce more flour in a shorter time. Although the flour may feel warm after processing, they are not meant to heat up enough to compromise the quality of the flour. Because they operate at a higher speed, Impact Grain mills can only be purchased as electric mills.

Author(s): Alizay Khan
Published at: 11 May 2022 11:32 GMT
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