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Tristin Mays is an American actress and also singer. She has actually been the lead in films such as "Tonight's The Evening" and "MacGyver." In 2012, she starred alongside Taylor Gray as well as Kevin Durant in the Nickelodeon collection "The Lion King." Her tv looks consist of "The Vampire Diaries" as well as the series "Tiny Residence Nation." You might additionally identify her from her role in the movie 'The Lion King'.

Tristin Mays was born in 1990 as well as arrived when she starred in the hit TV show "MacGyver." She has actually considering that landed several duties in motion pictures consisting of "Tonight's the Night," "Thunderstruck," as well as "Hot Dog Water." In 2016, she made her flick debut in the teen funny collection "Thunderstruck." And also in 2016, she showed up in an additional feature film, 'Houseparty'.

Though Tristin Mays is a popular name in the show business, she has a blended ethnic history. She grew up in New Orleans, Louisiana. Her moms and dads were both actors. She is now an actress. She plays the function of Riley Davis in the MacGyver series. She additionally plays a leading function in the web collection 'Private.' She is 28 years of ages. Along with her movie job, she is associated with numerous philanthropic activities.

After finishing from college, Mays is currently seeking her performing job. Her present projects include composing a horror film script with her sibling. She has an Instagram account called @tristinmays. She additionally has a fashion line as well as a clothing line. She has a love for pets and is a solid supporter for animal well-being. Whether she is acting or writing, she is a protestor for animal well-being.

Tristin Mays was born on June 10, 1990 in New Orleans. She was elevated in an inadequate community, but was increased in an affluent family. She finished from a prestigious college as well as researched in New York City. She is additionally a devoted player. Her moms and dads were prosperous and sustained her artistic rate of interests. It was not uncommon for her to play the title of Riley Davis. They relocated to the city to be near to her mother.

She was a version and also a singer that signed up with a group called Jane3. She later starred in movies such as "Jane's Wedding event." She became part of the team's hit TV show and also acted in the popular film, "The Virgin Mary". Nevertheless, she is now an actress. Her function in the film, "The Mankind", has actually made her well-known around the world. She likewise appeared in several other preferred television programs.

tristin mays is an actress, singer, and youngster design. She is best recognized for showing up in Disney's X-Men, "The Lion King", and also "The Lion King. She has appeared in many national commercials and also played a role in several other films, including the critically well-known television program, X-Men. She was born in New Orleans and also raised in New York City.

In addition to the television series, she has actually shown up in numerous movies. She starred in a variety of web series. Her favorite character is Jenice Huckstable, that shows up in a number of episodes of The Vampire Diaries. In the web, she has actually gotten more than one million page views. She has actually appeared in greater than 15 TV programs. Amongst her lots of other functions, she has actually likewise remained in the upcoming movie, The Appetite Games.

As an actress, Tristin Mays is recognized for her duty in MacGyver reboot. She was born on June 10, 1990. She is best known for her duty in "Tonight's The Evening" on Broadway. She has also shown up in the Nickelodeon series Gullah. In spite of being an actress, her daddy is a previous Army policeman. Both are currently raising their daughters.

While Tristin Mays has actually belonged to the preferred singing group "Jane3" for years, she's still an increasing star in the style globe. In addition to her success in the fashion business, she has actually likewise been signed to several nationwide commercials. She is a serious video gamer and enjoys to post her job online. It's very easy to see why she's been a significant success.

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