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Drama is a story that uses written dialogue (prose or poetry) to portray fictional or non-fictional events. Dramas can be performed live on stage, on television, or on the radio. Dramas are often called plays, and their creators, known as "dramatists" or "playwrights," are commonly known.

Since the time of Aristotle (c.335 BCE), "drama" has been performed. The term comes from the Greek word drama, an act, a play, and draw, which is to act and take action. Two of the ancient Greek Muses are represented by the iconic masks of drama, the laughing and crying faces.

What makes the drama so dramatic?

Playwrights aim to make their plays more dramatic by building tension and anticipation throughout the story. The audience is constantly wondering what will happen next and anticipating the outcome of the events. This creates dramatic tension. Dramatic tension is often present in a mystery to create excitement and anticipation that leads to a thrilling or unexpected climax as Kinemaster Apk.

Dramatic tension is about keeping the audience guessing. Oedipus, the ancient Greek tragedy, is Oedipus the king able to figure out why his father killed him and slept with his mother, causing the plague that decimated his city. If he does, what will he do? Will Prince Hamlet in Shakespeare's Hamlet ever be able to avenge his father's death and rid himself of his ghost and visions from floating daggers?

Dramas rely heavily on spoken dialogue to inform the audience about characters' emotions, motivations, feelings, and plans. Playwrights can create tension in theaters by having their characters perform soliloquies or asides. Thus, the audience can see the characters living out their stories without explanations from the author.

Types of Drama

Dramatic performances can be divided into different categories based on the tone and mood of the story. Consequently, there are many types of drama:

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