Joey Horn; Advocating For Contemporary Female Artists in the Art World

Artists have a way of capturing emotional responses, engaging people in conversations, and supporting various causes through their meaningful portrayals of relatable human conditions. Art history has been marginalizing female artists, and most are still fighting for their space and mainstream recognition. As a result, a massive number of women are utilizing the power of globalization and their platforms in order to spread awareness and advocate for the mainstream recognition of contemporary and creative female artists.

Joey Horn, an active supporter and champion of women in the world of arts, is a firm believer when it comes to women supporting other women. She is a renowned philanthropist, a business leader, as well as a female-centric art collector. Horn is also an Executive Producer in the film industry and holds an MBA (Master of Business Administration) from Yale University.

She started her career as an investment banker, a previously male-dominated profession, working at Credit Suisse First Boston (based in New York). She later joined the Boston Consulting Group (located in Oslo) as a consultant. Joey Horn currently works at OAK Management AS, holding an executive position as the Managing Director. The firm deals with private investment management.

As a dedicated philanthropist, Joey Horn engages in a number of activities that support mothers, generate opportunities for children, and promote education. She collaborates with various organizations and foundations, including Mothers2Mothers, Restore The Music UK, and Cancer Research UK, which enables her to continue advocating for women's independence, equality, education, and self-sufficiency.

Horn still champions for women through collecting contemporary art of brave and innovative women throughout the globe. She advocates for their respective statements, success, and works, and uses her platform to raise awareness of a number of female artists, including Lin Tianmiao, Laylah Ali, as well as Shilpa Gupta.

Based in China, Lin Tianmiao is a contemporary textile designer as well as an installation artist, who is committed to exploring modern and traditional Chinese gender roles through large-scale art. She uses materials mainly associated with and related to maternal responsibilities to display the modernization and evolutions of Chinese female duties. Her art is usually thought-provoking and brings about a conversation regarding the female experience.

Lin Tianmiao was among the first female Chinese artists to be recognized internationally. Her work rises above cultural boundaries and offers a fresh perspective and view regarding domesticity, gender roles, and the typical ideas of womanhood for the global audience.

Laylah Ali is a visual artist whose work highlights race relations and strives to make a statement. She is well known for her Gouache style. While starting out, Laylah Ali used to focus on traditionally violent motifs and the action. She gradually shifted her focus to display the effects and signs of violent action. Her work has been showcased through solo exhibitions at the Institute Of Contemporary Art Boston, the Massachusetts Museum Of Contemporary Art, the Museum Of Contemporary Art Chicago, and the Museum Of Modern Art New York.

Shilpa Gupta's work takes up space, showcase power in public areas as well as invite interaction. Gupta's work involves sculpturing, installing videos, and manipulating objects to display the censorship and breaking of boundaries across her native country, India. Her art is also thought-provoking as well as influential, seeing that the nation is still torn between conventional gender roles and modernized urban roles. Joey Horn firmly believes that Shilpa Gupta is a genuinely fearless and courageous contemporary female artist that deserves to be celebrated.

About Joey Horn

Joey Horn is highly experienced as well as skilled when it comes to business management and administration. She currently resides in London but still has connections to several regions, including the US, India, Norway, and Singapore. She is multilingual and can fluently speak four languages (French, English, Hindi, and Norwegian). Horn is married with three kids.



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Published at: 26 Sep 2020 09:42 GMT
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